Blackbirds having a Party

2016-08-20 Uncategorized

The second time already this year, young blackbirds are wandering around on our balcony, squeaking every now and than until fed.

little ones

This time, the larger one was already wandering about for a couple of days, today the smaller one on the right joined him, now at least they can cuddle together at night.

Password character restrictions

2016-08-02 Security ,

Again, one of those Moments…


Additionally, the password cannot have more than 16 characters. I tried to generate one including symbols, but it took more than 10 tries to randomly generate a valid one. Go figure.

Ray tracing, again

2016-08-02 Graphics, Projects No comments , , , , ,

Lucy 28M Triangles

Lucy, displaying the relative distribution of clock cycles for each pixel running with 8 threads on an i7-2600.

Most recently I have been ray tracing stuff again – it is different this time ūüėČ

  • Relying on a number of very good libraries:
    • GLM¬†for linear algebra
    • stb_image¬†for image writing (no textures of IBL yet)
    • The extremely good and scalable¬†enkiTS. The first solution was using¬†OpenMP – quick and dirty, but I could not get it efficient enough.
    • A simple but well suited¬†Quaternion First Person Camera
    • tk_objfile¬†to parse WaveFront .obj files, it is not as efficient as I would have liked but is very small and was very easy to integrate.
    • A somewhat optimized variant of Brandon Pelfrey’s¬†Fast-BVH
  • Something akin to realtime rendering – currently.

So it really is a bunching together of other people’s code.